About TenIQ

TenIQ is an interactive online high IQ society where people whose IQ is at or above the 90th percentile can engage in intellectually stimulating activity.

TenIQ was founded in 2010 to provide the opportunity for highly intelligent people to engage in stimulating, challenging and rewarding activities. Membership is available to anyone with a verified IQ in the top ten percent of the world’s population.

TenIQ was founded on the premise of being a more inclusive high IQ society. This may sound contradictory, but the heart of the premise is a less restrictive society that doesn’t exclude those who are still intelligent enough to engage in and enjoy intellectual pursuits. This allows for more stimulating interactions amongst a wider subsection of intelligent people. We believe that a threshold of admitting those with an IQ in the top ten percent is optimal in achieving this goal.

TenIQ Benefits

Access to TenIQ’s private network allows you to interact with other members on a variety of platforms and engage in numerous stimulating activities with members from around the world.  We are a diverse community of intelligent individuals with over 500 members currently representing 49 countries.

TenIQ also officiates vigorous weekly trivia challenges. We have a variety of addictive puzzles and games on our website that you can spend hours challenging and sharpening your mind with.

Membership Qualifications


Professionally Administered Tests:

California Test of Mental Maturity
Cattel Culture Fair
Concept Mastery Test
Miller Analogies Test
Raven’s Progressive Matrice
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales
Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children
Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

Accepted Online IQ Tests:

Score Report or Certificate from Figure IQ Test dated before April 25, 2019 (1st attempt only)
IHIQS Admission Test
High Range Tests
TetrastIQ Light

We also accept qualifying scores on tests from the following test designers:

Hans Sjoberg
Iakovos Koukas
Paul Cooijmans
Randy Myers
Theodosis Prousalis

College Admissions Test:

American College Testing Program
Graduate Admission Test
Graduate Record Exam
Scholastic Aptitude Test

Memberships in Other High IQ Societies:

Canadian High IQ Society
Civiq Society
Infinity International Society
International High IQ Society
Triple Nine Society

The Simplest way to become a member is to take the International Culture Fair Intelligence Test and achieve a qualifying score. A score of 120 or higher will unlock the option to purchase a lifetime membership. Simply purchase the lifetime membership for $45 US and your membership certificate will be instantly generated. Once you’ve completed your membership purchase you may register your account.

If you have other proof of qualification from our approved list you must still register at the ICFIT website.  In addition to the 3 session option packages there is a 4th option to upload your proof of qualifying IQ score for our approval.  Once we’ve reviewed and accepted said documentation the option to purchase the lifetime membership will be open to you.  Once you’ve completed your purchase and received your automated certificate you may do the following:

  • Join TenIQ Community by Registering :    TenIQ Community

Once registered you will not be able to have full access until we activate your account.  This will only happen once payment is received.  You can expect to have your account activated within 24 hours, usually sooner. Do not purchase the lifetime membership before your results have been graded or your purchase will be invalid and your money will not be refunded. Please wait until your submission has been validated before proceeding with payment.

If you have any questions or concerns you may direct them to the TenIQ Support Team.


The TenIQ Support Team

If you’re a resident of a developing country you may qualify for a 50% discount off the purchase price.

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